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Gift card


Our system of cash register allows activating a value on a plasticized card, which is then applied to the document (lower right photo).
You can use it to offer one or several vouchers for the brunch, a value present of your choice, or entrances to the museum.
Its validity is three years without being name specific.
If the person registers afterward with the number of the card, we offer 5 % on the next refill.

Three possibilities of getting it


Go to the Bakery or in the Tearoom and to ask for the formula which suits you.

You can make phone and we send by mail an envelope present with the document needed as well as a leaflet of the museum. The invoice is sent with the document and has to ben paid in 30 days. In case of nonpayment, after the usual reminder, we will be forced to deactivate the card.

Per Mail with the contact form. Please note that 4 working days will probably be needed.

Loyalty card la Maison du Blé et du Pain

3 possibilities !

Loyalty card

You present your card each time you buy something.
1 Fr. purchase = 1 point.
The free items you can have.

Rechargeable card, to pay for your purchases

You decide how much you want to activate on your chip.
We offer 5% loyalty gift on your load.
The amount of your purchases will be take off of your card.
The accumulation of points is made during the same operation.

Gift card

You activate the amount of your choice in the chip of the card.
The validity of the card is of three years.
The card is not name specific.
If the person registers later with the number of the card, we offer him 5 % during the first refill.

3 possibilities

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