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Hidden objects
Behind the scenes in the Museum


From November 10th 2016 to March 30th 2017
Over two hundred new items to discover at the la Maison du blé et du pain…

The new temporary exhibition of the challensois Museum highlights, until next March 12th, a part of the important hidden stock from its collection.

A grain measure decorated very long time ago by an Afghan craftsman. A small-scale model of a combined harvester. A miller's slide allowing to quickly making slide the bags of flour from a floor to other of the mill. Besides the fact of being connected to the bread making, these three objects have in common to belong to the collection of more than 1400 objects kept by the la Maison du blé et du pain d'Echallens. A collection mainly stemming from donations, from which the public can only discover a small quarter in the permanent exhibition.

For the new temporary exhibition of the museum, to discover from next November 10th, the persons in charge had the idea to go to take from these hidden heritage around 200 objects particular by their aspect, their history or their rareness. " The idea is to show them for themselves, explains the curator Marianne Bataillard. Every object can also tell its own story … ".

This exhibition will also give the opportunity to the museum to present a part underestimated of its mission: the work of preservation. "Like all the museums of the world, we do not abandon the objects which are not presented to the public. They are an integral part of the collection and each of them is listed, photographed, labelled, documented and carefully stored." An important hidden work which the visitors are invited to discover until March 12th, 2017.

Temporary exhibition "Objets cachés. Les coulisses du musée".

From November 10th 2016 to March 30th 2017 in the room Demeter of la Maison du blé et du pain in Echallens.
Contact: Marianne Bataillard, Curator of la Maison du blé et du pain
Pictures of the objects on demand.