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By filling the online form, a gift document with a chip card, charged with the amount of the transaction, will be sent. The document will be ship to the address of the person who placed the order.

We need 5 working days time to guarantee the delivery per A Mail.

Adults Brunch
Price: CHF 33.00

Kids Brunch 6 to 8 years
Price: CHF 8.00

Kids Brunch 8 to 12 years
Price: CHF 10.00

Kids Brunch 12 to 14 years
Price: CHF 20.00

Kids Brunch 14 to 16 years
Price: CHF 25.00

Entrance to the museum, Adults
Price: CHF 10.00

Entrance to the museum, Kids
Price: CHF 5.00

Free amount
Per unit of CHF 10.00

Total value of the voucher