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The Farm Panchaud


Since 1980, the cities of Montreux and Monthey were interested in the project of the creation of the future Musée du blé et du pain. But when in 1981 the Panchaud family decides to sell its rural building dating 1790, situated right in the heart of the village of Echallens, on the square of Hôtel-de-Ville, it became obvious that the future Maison du Blé et du Pain would find its place in Gros-de-Vaud, one of Switzerland's most cereal rural regions, and collectively called the «Cellar of Switzerland»...

The acquisition of farm Panchaud, as well as the necessary works of renovation so that the building would not collapse, represented a expense that couldn't be assured without a mortgage loan contracted with the banks of Echallens on the April 1st 1985, completed by donations and sales of breads. A new skeleton was built, all the old walls in good condition were preserved, the former kitchen with its big fireplace and the old baker's oven would be restored.

The Association for the Maison du Blé et du Pain
The origins...


The first Fête du Blé et du Pain in1978 was beautiful and left bright memories for everyone. So much enthusiasm could not stop there and a band of enthusiast had the idea to extend it…

Why not to use the profits of the Fête du Blé et du Pain to create the Musée du pain et du blé where we would pay tribute in the ancestral gestures of the farmer, the miller and the baker, where we would collect the testimonies of the past and would preserve the old objects?

This is how these soft dreamers launched themselves wholeheartedly into the adventure, without having neither a place, nor a collection! But the enthusiasm, faith and passion raises mountains, and soon was bought the farm Panchaud (dating 1790), on the square of the Hôtel de Ville. The Association pour la Maison du Blé et du Pain was created in 1982. An appeal on the radio, some articles in the press, and soon objects arrived from everywhere in the canton …

After important renovation work of the building and the museography, the Maison du Blé et du Pain was opened in May, 1988, and inaugurated officially on April 16th, 1989. On that particular day, the peasant delegations of 26 cantons delivered symbolically their grain to the Maison du Blé et du Pain.

«La Maison du blé et du pain» in a few dates...


First Fête du Blé et du Pain in Echallens

Constitutive Assembly of the Association
Purchase of the farm Panchaud

Completion of the shell

Opening of la Maison du Blé et du Pain

16th april 1989
Official inauguration
The farming delegations from the twenty-six Cantons and from the Liechtenstein symbolically delivered their wheat.

European Price for the Museum of the Year, Special Mention 1991

100'000th guest

Renovation of the milling part of the museum, on the first floor

2nd Fête du Blé et du Pain

Inauguration of the sector of Histoire du Grain, on the 3rd floor

Inauguration of the Chemin de Ti'Grain, a didactic tour with 20 stages and an audio-visual for children

Expansion of the museum and installation of an elevator
Creation of two new spaces of permanent exhibition on the 1st floor: Modern flourmill and Waldenses costumes

3rd Fête du Blé et du Pain

Purchase of a new mobile oven, with trailer and truck

Inauguration of a new space of permanent exhibition on the 2nd floor, "Terre d'Accueil"
Launch of an Audioguide system for smartphones, guided tour on 30 stages

The mobile oven


In 1998, for the House of the Maison du Blé et du Pain, a team decided to fit out an old wood stove on a trailer and travel around the canton to do advertising by making cream cakes, a speciality of the artisanal bakery of the Museum. In 2009, the striking success gained by the concept incited the committee of the Association to modernize its equipment in order to answer effectively the numerous requests.

The trailer of the mobile oven is fitted out for every trip; it is functional, modern and answers the current requirements.

The mobile oven is integrated inside and during demonstrations.

It is moved on the outside to do the animation. The baker makes and cooked cakes in public, the team helps him in all the tasks of organization and sale.

The convoy and the group of volunteers move according to the demands of cultural, sports or artisanal events' organizers. The animation is guaranteed with a pleasant smell of caramelized cakes, giving the signal of a well-deserved snack.

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Program of the oven

2017 program,

Dimanche 27 août: A la Place du Châteauà Echallens, de 10h à 18h
Animateurs: René et Agnès

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